Meet our female Snowy Owl, Winter! Winter arrived at the Wildlife Sanctuary in 2018 after she was transferred from another facility. She was unfortunately hit by a vehicle in 2017, and lost a portion of her left wing. Winter unfortunately will never go back to the wild, but will be able to help teach people of all ages about wonderful Snowy Owls!
Snowy Owls are recognizable by their large stature and overall white feather color. Mature males, like our exhibit Snowy Owl, are almost pure white, with very little black striping to them making it hard for their prey to see them while they are out hunting. Females, like Winter, are darker with black stripes which helps to hide them while nesting on the ground. They will feed on small rodents like mice or rats, but when they are in the arctic their food of choice are lemmings. Winter gets a varied diet of chicken, mice, and rats while she lives here at the Wildlife Sanctuary.
Over the summer months, Snowy Owls are nesting up in the arctic, but they will migrate south during the winter(usually from November until March) into most of Wisconsin searching for food. Typically, they can be found near open farmland or along shorelines hunting during the daytime as they are diurnal hunters. So be sure to keep an eye out in your travels for these beautiful winter visitors, and be sure to enjoy them while they are here!