ski trail gone

Snow and ice still remain on the trail.  The snow is very slushy–please be careful if you walk on the trail!  Cardinals and woodpeckers are busy today singing and chasing each other around!  Killdeer and Red-winged Blackbirds have returned!

Trail groomed

Trails have been groomed for skiing.  Please do not walk on the groomed ski tracks with your boots or snowshoes.

trail is icy

Ski trail is in very poor condition.  The groomed tracks are solid ice.  Some areas melted yesterday–so there are some bare patches.

Trail Groomed

The ski trails were groomed today.   As a reminder, please do NOT walk on the groomed ski tracks.  Thank you!

Ski Trail open

People are welcome to come out and ski today.  Trails have not been groomed.  Trails will be groomed tomorrow or Friday as park staff is busy with snow removal.  The trail will be groomed for the weekend.

Walk carefully

Our trails are open for hiking but please use caution. There are slippery and frozen uneven spots to watch out for.