Fishing Etiquette


Help us keep a clean and safe environment for fish, other wildlife, and people!

For Catch and Release

Fish you wish to release should be handled very carefully and with wet hands.  If fish is deeply hooked, cut the line as close to the hook as possible and then let it go. The hook will dissolve inside the fish.

General Guidelines

  • Please put fishing line in garbage or proper containers. Ducks, geese, other birds and other animals can get tangled in the lines.
  • Please put empty bait containers and other garbage in the garbage cans.
  • Please do not use lead fishing weights.
  • Please remember to pick up and recover loose lines, hooks, bobbers, etc…
  • Wild animals become tangled and hurt when these items are left behind.
Goose Foot Severed by Fishing Line

Goose Foot Severed by Fishing Line

This goose became tangled in a wad of loose fishing line, which eventually severed its foot.  This poor creature was dragging its severed foot behind it.  If you look closely, you can see that the lines were in the process of cinching off the remaining foot as well.