Soar with Eagles!

Soar with Eagles!

Soar with Eagles at the Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary and Help Support the
Observation Rehabilitation Building

About the Program

  • The Observation Rehabilitation Building has been the site of the traditional waterfowl feeding and rehabilitation program dating back to 1935.
  • This building also serves as one of the state’s largest rehabilitation centers
  • Annually over 4,000 sick, injured and orphaned animals are brought to us for care. A large percentage of the animals recover fully and are released back into the wild. Some, due to the extent of the injury are retained as educational exhibit animals.
  • R-PAWS (Rehabilitation At Wildlife Sanctuary) volunteers contribute over 25,000 hours each year to help care for these animals.

How It Works

You give a gift of $100.00 or more.

We engrave person’s name on a wood grain plate.

We mount plate on Eagle Donor Board in Observation Building.

We give you a certificate.

We use your gift to provide:

  • animal medicine and first aid supplies
  • veterinarian visits
  • animal habitat (homes)
  • interpretive graphics
  • tools

We mail you an acknowledgement letter.

What to Do Next

Print this form Soar with Eagles Brochure. Fill in the information and return it with your check to:

Friends of the Wildlife Sanctuary
1660 East Shore Drive
Green Bay, WI 54302

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