Birdseed Sales

Birdseed Sales

Each year, the Friends of the Wildlife Sanctuary sponsors multiple Birdseed Sales. Please buy bulk seeds through these sales to keep your birds and the Sanctuary healthy and happy!

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Order Deadline:

JANUARY 21, 2022

Pick-Up Schedule:

Date: Saturday, January 22, 2022
Time: 8:00 am-12:00 PM
Location: Pick up in the lower parking lot near the fishing docks at the Wildlife Sanctuary. Watch for signs to direct you to the exact location.


– Volunteers will load the seed into your car.
– Limited space prevents us from holding seed beyond the pick-up date.

Next Sale Dates:
February 25, 2022   and   March 5, 2022

Seed for Sale

Basic Mix:

This is our specially mixed recipe. Birds love it because it contains none of the fillers that make up 30% of commercially packaged wild mixes. Ours contains corn, white millet and sunflower. Available in 50 and 25 pound bags.

Cracked Corn:

Cracked corn is preferred by more kinds of birds than any other type of seed. Available in 50 pound bags.

Niger (thistle):

This tiny but precious seed does not promote weed growth in the yard. It is the favorite food of finches. Available in 25 and 10 pound bags.

Black Sunflower:

We offer the black oil sunflower, the traditional favorite of the cardinal, grosbeak and chickadee. Available in 50 and 25 pound bags.


Selective delicacy for cardinal, purple finch and grosbeak. Available in 25 pound bags.

Sunflower Hearts (fine):

Sunflower seed without the shells! Hearts are a bit more expensive, but they leave no messy shells in your yard. Available in 25 pound bags.

Mixed Seed Block:

A 20 pound block of mixed seed that is great to put out for the winter. Don’t worry about going out in the snow and cold to fill a feeder!
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