Say hello to our resident Virginia Opossums Donny and Marie.  Donny and Marie came to us in Spring of 2019 after they had been found alone by members of the public.  They were only a couple months old at the time, and with all the intense care they needed they grew too fond of humans.  So unfortunately for them, they were not able to be released back into the wild.  The easiest way to tell the difference between the two is Donny has more white on the tips of his ears than Marie.

Donny and Marie were born in February or March of 2019, but would not have been visible to us as they are about the size of a bumblebee in their mother’s pouch as they are marsupials.  Opossums typically remain with their mother until June or July or about 4 months after they are born.  A good rule of thumb is if they are 6 inches long without the tail, they are already out on their own.

At the Wildlife Sanctuary, Donny and Marie get a variety of different foods such as fruits, vegetables, and meat as they are omnivores.  They particularly like their chicken and mice.  Donny and Marie have a fantastic sense of smell, and particularly love the smell of cinnamon.  When they find a scent they love, they will over-salivate and rub all over the object in a behavior called sliming.  Another favorite activity of theirs is to get some exercise in their wheel while their cage is being cleaned.  It is important for all our critters to stay active and get some exercise they would normally get in the wild.  A well-rounded diet and enrichment will help Donny and Marie live a healthy and happy life while they are with us at the Wildlife Sanctuary.  So stop on over and say hello to these cute critters!