Meet Feliz the American Crow!

Feliz came to us on New Year’s Eve in 2009 when he was found in a box outside our back door. Sadly for Feliz, he had been shot in his hip and his shoulder causing permanent wing and leg damage. Unfortunately, Feliz will never be released back to the wild, but he has a forever home with us at the Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary!
Feliz loves going outside during the nice days, and soaking up some of the sunshine. He is a very intelligent bird, as most Corvids are, and loves to retrieve treats from puzzles, hollow bones, or cardboard tubes. Feliz is a scavenger, which means he doesn’t hunt for his food, so by offering food in different ways, it helps to bring out his natural scavenging instincts. Feliz is also an omnivore, which means he eats both meat and fruits/vegetables. Feliz loves his raw organ meat such as liver or heart, but also loves his grapes and soaked dog food.

Stop by the Observation Building to see Feliz the American Crow!