August 2, 2019 - Retaining Wall and Inside Finish Work

Nearly 200 tons of rock have been brought in for the 12′ high retaining wall that supports the land near parts of the new center. The exterior chimney and siding are done. The main hall’s grandeur is taking shape. The massive fireplace is finished. Walnut-stained beams accent the vaulted ceiling. River stone and birch ceramic tile borders are being added to the floors. The curved donor recognition wall is up. The opposite side of the donor wall will be a reception area.

While many donor panels are being prepared, there is still room for you, if you’d like to contribute to the Wildlife Sanctuary legacy. We also have specific equipment and furnishing needs. Please contact Gail Garrity-Reed or Mike Reed at 920-737-4269 for more information about ways you can help.

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