Ski Trail in very bad shape

The cross country ski trail is in very poor condition.  Melting last weekend and then freezing has made the trail very icy and dangerous.  The groomed tracks are almost non-existent, and there are a lot of footprints in the trail.  Areas on the boardwalks are...

Donny and Marie Opossum

Say hello to our resident Virginia Opossums Donny and Marie.  Donny and Marie came to us in Spring of 2019 after they had been found alone by members of the public.  They were only a couple months old at the time, and with all the intense care they needed they grew...

Ski trail

Cross-country ski trails have finally been groomed!   Trails are open 8am-4:30 pm daily. Reminder: Please do not walk on the groomed tracks!

Trail Report 1-14-20

There is not enough snow for the ski trail to be groomed.   Skiers are welcome to come out and ski, please be aware of large flooded areas that froze and may be thawing today.