Green Initiatives

The Parking Division takes "going green" very seriously and we are proud to say the parking industry is addressing this important movement with the implementation of many energy-saving initiatives and programs.


Locally, we have rolled out the following programs:

  • All single space parking meters are battery operated
  • We use rechargeable electronic hand held ticket writers, which save paper and are eco-friendly
  • All parking ramps have additional energy saving devices such as daylight sensors which power down fixtures during daylight hours
  • All spent lighting devices are recycled
  • The new PARCS equipment at the ramp entrances/exits has software controls that switch the equipment to an energy-saving "standby" mode during periods when visitor traffic is lightest.
  • In 2016 the Parking Division replaced the existing lighting in the Pine Street Parking Ramp, which has over 700 light fixtures, with energy efficient LED, ballast-free lamps. What this means:
    • Zero money expended to replace ballasts
    • Zero ballasts being powered
    • Zero ballast sent to recycling
    • Previous fluorescent fixtures had a 3 year life. New LED lamps have a 10-year life. Let's do the math...
      700 fixtures multiplied by 1 ballast each = 700 ballasts saved
      700 fixtures multiplied by 3 lamps each = 2100 lamps saved
      2100 lamps multiplied by 3 lamp life cycles = 6300 lamps
      700 ballasts + 6300 fewer lamps being purchased, powered and ultimately recycled
      Add in the 40% energy reduction =