Mobility Management Program

What is Mobility Management?

Mobility management is an innovative approach for managing and delivering coordinated transportation services to customers.

Mobility Management of Brown County - Creating Independence

Customers include older adults and people with disabilities. Mobility management focuses on meeting individual customer needs through a wide range of transportation options and service providers. It also focuses on coordinating these services and providers in an effort to achieve a more efficient transportation service delivery system.

Mobility Management of Brown County contributes to long-range planning goals of the county and our extensive network of partners, to move older adults and people with disabilities where they need to go at a price they can afford.

Mobility Management of Brown County is not a service provider and the Mobility Coordinator does not schedule rides.

The Role of Mobility Coordinator

This role's responsibilities is to:

  • Conduct ongoing research, surveys, and collect data and big-picture planning.
  • Increase freedom and independence by increasing knowledge of transportation options.
  • Keep partners informed through regular communication about community and industry trends.
  • Organize stakeholder meetings, lead discussions and problem-solve.
  • Represent our program at transportation events, summits, etc.
  • Work to understand, advocate, and assist customers in finding appropriate, affordable and accessible transportation from a network of service providers.