Community Groups & Schools

Young kids touching a snake

Naturalists provide hands-on education programs designed to enhance a community group's understanding and knowledge of nature. Programs are generally 45 to 60 minutes in length, depending on age and participation of the group. Programs can be tailored to any and all ages from preschool to seniors. Download our printable Education Program Brochure (PDF).

Available Programs

Scout Groups

Naturalists can tailor a program based on your scout group's requirements.

Please call (920) 391-3671 to schedule or for more information.

Wild Friends

Our most popular program! Get an up-close look at live animals! Naturalists choose animals based on the age of group. Students may have the opportunity to touch certain animals. A Wild Friends program which focuses on a specific animal group (i.e. reptiles, mammals, birds of prey, etc.) may be requested.

Wisconsin Wildlife Tour

Explore our live, native Wisconsin wildlife on exhibit at the Sanctuary. Walk and talk with the Naturalist about where the animals came from, why they are here, and how these animals would survive in the wild.

Raptor Tour-Birds of Prey

A walk and talk with the Naturalist along our live Bird of Prey exhibits.

Pond Study

Students strap on waders and grab a net to see what they can find in one of our ponds. Pond Study lasts approximately 60 minutes and is limited to 15 students at a time. Pond Study is available in spring and summer months only.


Naturalists will fit each student with snowshoes and lead them out on our refuge trials. Snowshoe Hikes are limited to 15 students at a time and generally last 90 minutes. Available in winter months only and requires a minimum of 6 inches of snow. Please have students dressed for the weather ( i.e., boots, hats, mittens, etc). Groups get to experience an area of the Sanctuary that isn't open to the general public.

Tracks & Signs

Students learn how to find and identify animal tracks and signs. Groups will take a walk following a short discussion.

Wolves in Wisconsin

Walk with the Naturalist out to our Wolf Viewing Area. Learn about the myths and realities of these misunderstood animals while viewing our live pack. Wolf artifacts available to touch.

Wisconsin Deer

Walk with a Naturalist out to our Deer Yard and Tower. Learn about the life of this beautiful animal and its relationship to humans while viewing live deer in the exhibit. Deer artifacts available to touch.

The World of Bats

A fun program to introduce students to these fascinating and misunderstood animals and their secretive lives both in Wisconsin and around the world. A live bat may be able to make an appearance!

Create Your Own Adventure

Our staff will develop a program based on a particular nature-related topic of your choice.

Safari Hikes

A walk and talk with a Naturalist. Safari hike themes include birds, trees, insects and others. Seasonal, depending on topic.

Einstein Kit Follow-up Field Trip

The Sanctuary offers a fun 90 minute program based on the Einstein Project Kit "Life Cycle of the Butterfly" or "Animal Studies". A great way to reinforce and review what your class has learned! Teachers, reserve your field trip date early!

For Teachers

Scheduling Your Program

Please call (920) 391-3671 to schedule a program or for more information. Monday through Friday from 8 am to Noon and 1 pm to 4:30 pm.

Please arrive on time and check-in at the Sanctuary office in the Nature Center. The Sanctuary reserves the right to shorten any program for late arrivals.

Program Cost

Onsite Programs - Green Bay Residents

Group SizeCost
Groups of fewer than 10 people$25 minimum
Groups 10 or more people$2.50 per person

Onsite Programs - Non-Residents

Group SizeCost
Groups of fewer than 10 people$37.50 minimum
Groups 10 or more people$3.75 per person

Off-Site Programs

Group SizeResidents CostNon-Resident Cost
0 to 30 people$150$225
31 to 99 people$200$300
100 or more people$250$375

Additional Information

  • Only students need to pay program fees - chaperones, teachers, and parents do not need to pay fees
  • Groups should provide one chaperone for every 10 students.
  • Checks should be made payable to: Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Please call (920) 391-3671 as soon as possible if you must cancel.