Yes, YOU can help wildlife!
Did you know you can help wildlife by just providing a space for animals to be released? Every year we have squirrels, cottontails, raccoons and other critters that need space to run free after they have rested, grew, healed, and have completed their time in the wildlife rehab program. Due to the captive animals that live at Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary, we do not release animals nor allow healthy animals to be dropped off here. Every year we are looking for great places that have a water source, a food source, and a shelter source for wildlife to be released at. Even better is if there are wildlife enthusiasts that can monitor the animals and make sure that the habitat and food sources are healthy enough for the animals to live in.
So how can you become a space for wildlife releases? All you need to do is download and fill out the PROPERTY OWNER RELEASE SITE FORM.  Note the vegetation, amount of land, and what type of animals you would like released there. We also need contact information for you too! Then email, mail, or drop off the form to the Wildlife Sanctuary anytime. Each Spring we contact all release site contacts to make sure they are still accepting animals, if anything about the area has changed, and if they wanted to add any notes or animals to the form. If you have any questions at all, please contact Animal Care at 920.391.3685.
Here is a short Turtle Release 2017 video to help you see how wonderful releasing wildlife back into the wild is! Thank you for caring about Wisconsin Wildlife!