Night Ski Cancelled

The candlelight night ski program is cancelled for tonight, January 26.  The trail is not groomed, has puddles, mud and also ice in areas.  As the temps cool, the ice will increase.

Ski and Tea cancelled

The Ski and Tea program is cancelled for  January 19.  Please be careful on our walkways and trails with all the ice.  There are dangerous and slippery areas.

Trail still in poor condition

Trail is open and a few people have been out.  Conditions are icy, and there are some bare spots.  Trail has not been groomed recently.  Please be careful.  Trail may become unusable for skiers after tomorrow’s rain. Reminder:  anyone using snowshoes on our ski...

Ski Trail Not Usable

Until we have a new snowfall, the ski trail is unusable by skiers.  It is not groomed at this time; there are patches of ice, leaves, twigs and seeds on the trail and it is slushy.

Trails not good for skiing

Ski trails are in terrible condition until new snow arrives.   Lots of seeds and twigs have been blown down, trail is icy and uneven with all the tracks that are frozen. Please do not walk on groomed ski tracks.  This ruins the trail for those who enjoy...

Black-billed Cuckoo

Allow me to introduce you to our friend the Black-billed Cuckoo. The Black-billed Cuckoo came to the Wildlife Sanctuary 2 years ago after being transferred from another rehab facility in the state. He unfortunately came into their facility with a wing injury which...