Meet the Gyrfalcon

Meet our female Gyrfalcon. She currently resides at our Observation Building in our Raptor trail. She has been with the Wildlife Sanctuary for 4 years after being transferred from a rehab facility in Northern Wisconsin. She has full flight capabilities, but...

“Bullet” the Raccoon

“Bullet” the Little Raccoon By Amy Harris In June of 2010 six orphaned raccoons, about 5 weeks old, were brought into the Wildlife Sanctuary.  The man who brought them in said their mom was shot and killed.  All six of the raccoons were examined, rehydrated and sent...

Boardwalk open

The Hussong boardwalk is open to hiking once again.  Trails are in good condition, look for the start of bird migration as they start their journey south for the winter months.

Trail construction

The Hussong Trail boardwalk is under construction.  Please be aware that the boardwalk area of this trail may be closed for a time.

Help Wildlife Every Day

How To Help Wildlife Every Day By: Sarah Kulas Keep cats and dogs inside. Roaming pets are a major cause of injury to baby wildlife. Attracting large numbers of animals to a common place can result in the spread of diseases. Wash all bird feeders once a week with a...

Be fit and walk our trails!

Join the free Trail Fitness Walks Thursdays at 6:00 pm through August.  Bring your fitbits and get your steps in!  Walks are at a brisk pace and we walk for about 45 minutes.  Great turnout last...

Hoppin’ Down the Bunny Trail

Did you find a bunny nest in your garden?  Did your dog or cat bring a little friend to the door?  Every year thousands of Eastern Cottontails, better known as your common wild rabbit, are brought to wildlife facilities across the country.  What may seem like an...

Spring Warbler Report

The Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary is considered a Wisconsin Important Bird Area (WIBA) and integral stopover point for migrating songbirds–especially warblers!  Bay Area Bird Club members counted 28 species of warblers this past spring and over 2600 individuals....

Mosquitoes are here

Trails are in good shape, with the exception of the same low areas that are still muddy.  Songbirds are nesting and other wildlife is occasionally seen with their young close behind.  Spring flowers are almost done blooming.

Trees in Bloom

Trails are in great shape, just a couple low muddy areas left.  Flowering trees fill the air with a pleasant aroma and they still have many blossoms.  Birds are busy nesting and migratory songbirds are still trickling through.