“Nibbles” came to the Wildlife Sanctuary from the Milwaukee area. Sadly, he had been kept as an illegal pet for the first 2 years of his life, and was finally turned in to the Wildlife In Need Rehab Center in Oconomowoc. Unfortunately for Nibbles, he was not cared for properly for that time. He had been kept in a basement and only fed an improper diet. The malnutrition caused the feathers on his wings to grow incorrectly. This condition is what is commonly referred to as angel or airplane wing, essentially the feather shafts grew misaligned causing the feathers to stick out like an “airplane or angel’s wings”. Sometimes this can be corrected with a molt, but unfortunately in most cases it is permanent resulting in a lack of flight for the bird.
Nibbles has been a wonderful addition to the Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary, as he helps to teach many students and visitors about the importance of proper diet for wild animals as well as keeping wildlife wild. The best place for any orphan is to be with its wild parents who will care for them better than any person ever could. Spring is an opportune time to observe wild moms doing their best to care for and protect their young. So remember to keep your distance as to not disturb them, but take a moment to enjoy nature at its finest moment. If you happen to come across an orphan or a nest you think may be without mom, please call the Wildlife Sanctuary at 391-3685 before bringing them in, as mom may be nearby waiting for a quiet moment to care for her children.