Job Openings

Seasonal Jobs at WLS

Each year, the Wildlife Sanctuary opens up a variety of seasonal paid jobs. Below are descriptions of jobs with openings. Please click on the various links to see longer descriptions, requirements and how to apply. The deadline for applications is May 11, 2018.

Environmental Education Intern Trainee

We are looking for an enthusiastic, resourceful, innovative, detail-oriented student who is passionate about environmental education and working with young learners. Working alongside Wildlife Sanctuary staff in a diverse summer education program, our intern trainee will: Learn what goes into planning and preparing for summer camp programming, co-teach weekly summer camps and experience teaching a wide variety of nature programs and topics. (The application deadline for this intern position has been extended from its normal time.)

Click 2018 Environmental Education Intern Trainee to learn more.

Site Intern Trainees

We are looking for an enthusiastic, resourceful, innovative, detail-oriented student who is passionate about developing skills to become an environmentally responsible mentor to the community, specifically as it relates to Nature Center site maintenance of boardwalks, trails, planting areas and buildings. This position will experience the full scope of the WLS facilities department, working with staff and volunteer groups. This intern will additionally assist with programs, general operations and major projects as needed, giving the intern an overall view of what is involved with a Nature Centers operations and maintenance.

The Wildlife Sanctuary views today’s interns as tomorrow’s environmental leaders and strives to provide the kind of real-world experiences that will make each intern highly effective in their career.

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Summer Camp Aide

Looking for someone at least 14 years old to help with kids’ summer camps. The aide would work with our camp lead instructor and provide help with set up, clean up, craft projects, games, supervision, etc.

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Seasonal Positions – City of Green Bay

There are a variety of seasonal positions at the Sanctuary, which are hired by the City of Green Bay. Examples are Seasonal Maintenance Employee and Seasonal Wildlife Sanctuary Animal Keeper.

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