It’s Fawn Season! White-tailed deer have started having young– and even if it seems the youngsters are alone, they typically are not! Mom does not always stay by the fawn. She does not want to lure predators to the youngster. Fawns typically lay quietly in the grass– this may be a grass field, a yard, a forest, or a ditch. The youngster is waiting for Mom. If you see a young fawn quietly laying down, just give it room and M…om will move it during the night to a safer area. If the fawn is walking around, crying/bleating, going up to people, or is obviously injured, please call the Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary Animal Care at 920.391.3685 or the WDNR help line at 1.888.936.7463 so we can help you help wildlife; Please do not feed it anything until you have talked with a wildlife rehabilitation expert. Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary can only accept fawns from certain counties in Wisconsin, so we always recommend to call first with wildlife questions– we want to do what is best for wildlife! Thank YOU for caring about wildilfe and helping us keep them wild!