Fawn Season

It’s Fawn Season! White-tailed deer have started having young– and even if it seems the youngsters are alone, they typically are not! Mom does not always stay by the fawn. She does not want to lure predators to the youngster. Fawns typically lay quietly in...

Trail mostly dry

Most areas are drying out, there are only a few low spots with standing water.  Mosquitoes are hatching and are present.   Birds are busy nesting and starting nesting behavior.  Many spring flowers such as bluebells are done blooming, and some, such as Mayapples will...

Oriole singing

We heard our first of the year Baltimore Oriole singing on the trail fitness walk yesterday afternoon.    Trails are still flooded in low areas, but most areas are dry.  Enjoy the spring!

Wet conditions

Lots of spring activity from all kinds of wildlife!  Woodchuck families are out and about, spring migratory birds are continuing to come through, and goslings are hatching.  Please be careful as there is standing water in areas and lots of mud.

Nibbles the Mallard duck

“Nibbles” came to the Wildlife Sanctuary from the Milwaukee area. Sadly, he had been kept as an illegal pet for the first 2 years of his life, and was finally turned in to the Wildlife In Need Rehab Center in Oconomowoc. Unfortunately for Nibbles, he was...