Migrants coming in

Golden-crowned and Ruby-crowned Kinglets, Yellow-rumped Warblers, Tree Swallows, Barn Swallows, Yellow-bellied Sapsuckers, Brown Creepers, and Hermit Thrushes were all present this afternoon.  Trails are wet and muddy in areas.

Fox Sparrows back

Gorgeous day to be out on our trails!  Once the sun came out, we spotted the first of the year Fox sparrows. Song sparrows were singing up a storm and robins were hopping around.  Wood Ducks and Blue-winged Teal were moving in the open parts of the marsh and a smaller...

Song Sparrow is back

Trails are muddy, with puddles in low areas.  Song Sparrows were singing today and paired up cranes are busy scoping out the marsh.  Some ice still remains.

Helping Endangered and Threatened Wildlife

One trend we have been seeing is the increase of endangered and threatened populations making their way into the Wildlife Sanctuary. With 2014 marking 100 years since we lost the last Passenger Pigeon, wildlife enthusiasts are more aware of populations in decline now...


The dusting of snow has allowed us to see all types of animal tracks.  Foxes, cottontails, squirrels, turkeys, geese and ducks, deer, opossums; and rodent tunnels under the snow can be see as well.