Tracks everywhere

There is not much snow on the trail, conditions for skiing are fair to poor as of Tuesday, Feb. 13.   Because the snow cover is light, animal tracks are fairly easy to see!  Raccoon, deer, turkey, squirrel, cottontail, vole, deer mouse, and fox tracks are present...

Trails have snow

Trails are snowy again!  Please use caution, as there is still a lot of ice under the new fallen snow.   As always, remind everyone to please not walk on the ski tracks.

Trails not usable for skiers

Trails are difficult to transverse at this time—please be careful if you are walking.  The small amount left of the groomed ski track is hard to see, much of the trail was puddles, grass, and mud, which has frozen and is icy and quite uneven.

Volunteer Spotlight

Volunteer Spotlight:   Barb Mogilka Why did you become a WLS volunteer? We moved to Green Bay when our 4 children were young and I visited the Sanctuary often. It’s always been a favorite place! Now as a Grandma I’ve brought my grandchildren to WLS and they love it as...

Trail open for skiing

Trail is open for skiing again, although conditions are poor. The few inches of snow allows for skiing, but be careful of ice under the snow. West side trail groomed today, hopefully east side will be groomed soon as well. Please remember to not walk on the groomed...