Trail open for skiing

Trail is open for skiing again, although conditions are poor. The few inches of snow allows for skiing, but be careful of ice under the snow. West side trail groomed today, hopefully east side will be groomed soon as well. Please remember to not walk on the groomed...

Skiing is postponed

Ski trail is mostly non-existent.  The warm temps eliminated snow in many areas, and the resulting puddles and soft ground are now frozen, along with all the tracks and uneven spots.   People are welcome to walk the trail until new snow falls.  Please use caution,...

Ski Trail still open

Trail is open, but in poor condition until more snow falls!  Leaves and twigs are in the groomed tracks, and the groomed tracks are difficult to see at times.  Lots of wild turkeys and deer out there to see, along with a pair of Pileated Woodpeckers.

Ski Trail Open

The trails have been groomed, since the snowfall last week—conditions as of today are fair,  The warm temps the last few days have left a few bare spots.    Please do not walk on the groomed ski tracks as a courtesy to the skiers!

Rehab Summer

Reflections on a Summer of Rehabilitation Working with wildlife results in a profound appreciation for the variety of animals you extensively care for each and every day. This appreciation goes well beyond being simply a “nature lover”. For example, some...