Frankie the Franklin’s Gull
Say hello to Frankie the Franklin’s Gull. Frankie came to us in June of 2012. He was transferred from the Wildlife Care Clinic located in Ames, IA where he had been admitted to their program with a wing injury. Unfortunately for Frankie, the wing injury did not fully heal. Once he was deemed non-releasable, they began searching for a permanent home for him. Thankfully, we were able to bring him here to the Wildlife Sanctuary, where he will live out the remainder of his life with several other water friends.
Franklin’s Gulls are a migratory species. They typically spend most of their time along coastal waters, marshes, or prairies searching for insects, small fish, or other little critters to eat. Primarily their diet consists of insects and fish, but they will occasionally eat grasshoppers or earthworms as well. They are found in the area, but they are one of the more rare sightings. They range seems to be expanding in some areas, where other areas seem to decline slightly as their watery nesting habitat changes with the climate. Look for Frankie and his other water friends in the Sanctuary’s Beach exhibit located in the Observation Building.